Jordan Tech Solution is Industrial Automation Company provides excellent electronics engineering and manufacturing services to industrial clients. We enjoy what we do, take pride in our work, and treat others the way that we want to be treated. We utilize the latest and best technology for both our customers and our own internal processes. Since 2013, these principles have resulted in long-term business relationships and referrals to new clients and colleagues.

Our diverse range of solutions have equipped us to serve markets including Transportation, Energy, Electronics, Life sciences, Engineering and Consumer Products and we are equally excited to about our growth potential in other emerging markets. We continually endeavor to expand our portfolio and expertise,supporting our clients to create market advantage.

Industrial Automation Company

Few Typical Automotive Applications

  • Pressed Component Surface Defect and Assembly Inspection
  • Reinforcement Assembly Weld Point,Child Part Orientation and Placement Inspection – 360 Degree
  • Jack Assembly Insepction
  • Part Mixup Detection
  • Clutch Plate Assembly Inspection
  • Speedo Meter Assembly and Working Inspection
  • Gasket Assembly Inspection
  • Wheel Rim Inspection
  • Gear Inspection
  • YOKE Inspection
  • Crank Shaft Assembly Inspection etc…

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